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Dell latitude D620 display driver problems finally fixed with a driver older then Vista itself

Today I finally got totally fed up with the problems I have with the display drivers provided by NVidia.

As you might know I do give a lot of presentations throughout the year and connecting to a beamer is something I do almost on a weekly basis. Since I own a Dell Laptop D620 I constantly got problems when I connect to a External display or video projector. For some reason The screen will start flickering and the machine becomes almost unusable. For a long Time I thought this was caused by an hardware issue in the laptop especially since I got a special tweaking device from one of our folks from IT Services that solved the problem. (See here for more info) Today I needed to give a presentation again, but I lost a part of the VGA device I could place between the laptop and the video projector, resulting in the fact that I could not give a proper presentation since the laptop constantly switched the external display adapter on and off.

But it all appears this is caused by a driver issue!

I started to uninstall the NVidia display drivers and reverted back to the most basic driver there is in windows vista. Then I went to the Dell Support Site and downloaded the one and only supported driver available for the NVidia Quadro 110M display adapter. This is a driver is older than Vista itself (8-22-2006) but it appears this one is working properly J

So the one and only display driver working for a Dell latitude 620 with NVidia Quatro adapter is the one provided by dell itself. (click here to download)

So for all my Info Support buddies with the same laptop, I would recommend to revert back to this driver to avoid problems. You never know when you might need to do a presentation and finding out at that moment you have this problem is very painful.

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