Last week I did two sessions on Visual studio Team System. The first session was about Team system 2008 and all the new features that are in the product. Not only did I discuss the new features in the 2008 Release, I also showed the new features found in SP1 of VSTS 2008 and the new features in the Power tools that are available for download now some time. Here is a picture of the Thursday morning session.

The second session was about Team System Rosario and what we can expect in the future. This session was a No slides only demo session, where I tried to pack most of the user stories available in the current CTP 12 release into a one hour session. I must say it was quite fun to do and based on the responses I got until now, everybody was quite pleased with the features I showed.

You can download the presentations here:

Whats new in Team System 2008

Visual Studio Team System Code name Rosario

Like I said, the second session was more demos, then slides. But at least it gives you an impression of all the demos I showed in only one hour 🙂

Hope you find the useful.