Since office was officially released I decided to start using office 2007 right away. I don’t know if this is something many people encounter, but it takes me some time to figure out how I can do the things I was used to do. The ribbon bar is perhaps very intuitive for first time office users or Digital natives , but I have a hard time to find my commands back.

I found the following locations that might be of help to other “old” office users to find their way with the ribbon bar.  In this flash site you can click the menu bar in the old office and it will show you where you can find it in the new Office Ribbon bar. Really cool J

Microsoft Office Word 2007 Command Reference Guide<>

 *   Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Command Reference Guide<>

 *   Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Command Reference Guide<>

Hope this helps you get up to speed again J