Last week I downloaded my copy of Windows Vista and this weekend I reinstalled my laptop with Vista.

Today I came to work and connected to the network to start my work. I have installed Visual Studio 2005 team suite and the team foundation client. I did this from a external hard drive that contains lots of different versions of installations since the early beta’s. For some stupid reason I must have installed a wrong version of the team foundation client. Because of that I spend whole day to figure out what was wrong.

I tried to connect to our team foundation server and I constantly received the error:

Since it was a new Vista installation I suspected something went wrong with security. This suspicion was backed up by the fact that I found the server IIS log to write entries like:

2006-11-20 12:30:56 W3SVC2 POST /Services/v1.0/Registration.asmx – 8080 – Team+Foundation+(TF.exe,+8.0.50727.43) 401 2 2148074254

Here you can see the 401: not authorized, that made me think I had an authentication problem.

Fortunately I had another desktop with Vista running as well (RC2) that did work. So I went trough all the setting, but I found them all the same. I contacted my colleague Raimond and asked him if he could think of anything. He gave me the tip to run the TF command from a Visual Studio 2005 prompt, to see if it would give me a different error message that could help me out. And as a matter of fact, it did! It gave me the following error message:

Team Foundation Server pdcsrv01 does not exist or is not accessible at this time Technical information (for administrator):

Server did not recognize the value of HTTP Header SOAPAction:

This appeared to be a live saver, because from this message I could see that the SoapAction used was an old one. The current version of the SoapAction is now :

I verified this using the working desktop and using fiddler to capture the HTTP traffic going to the server.

I must say it would have been very helpful if Microsoft would have generated a more informative error message like: The server received a request from an old version of the client tools, please verify you use the correct version.

Any way, it is working now on my Vista OS, so I am happy again, but it did unfortunately took quite some time to figure this out.