Techdays 2012 is a wrap. For those who attended my sessions, I want to give you the opportunity to download the slides and the demo’s.

Team foundation Server Build Inside Out:

Developing iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 applications with C#: 

And the geeknight session, where Alex, Gerard and I tried to top Sara Ford’s record on presenting as much visual Studio tips and tricks in only 45 minutes. She managed to present 102 tips in 75 minutes, hence we came up with 75 in 45 minutes to top that record. Of course we did it with the three of us, but anyway, we had a lot of fun! According to the jury, we managed to present 82 tips in 45 Minutes Smile 

I can imagine you can not memorize the tips just after this session, therefore we prepared a slide deck as well so you can read them afterwards.

If you want to know 300+ tips on visual studio, I can recommend visiting Sara’s blog here: