HI, thanks for all that attended my sessions at VSLive this week in Las Vegas. I hope you enjoyed the sessions and if you have questions left, please reach out to me on twitter (@marcelv) or ask them here below in the comments section.


If you want to have a look at the slides ore want to use the demo’s your self, you can find them here below.

T23 Automated Cross Browser Testing of Your Web Applications with Visual Studio CodedUI



W05 Using Microsoft Application Insights to Implement a Build, Measure, Learn Loop


Demos: no demo’s to share, just new up a ASP.NET project and work it from there.

W30 Advanced Modern App Architecture Concepts


Mobile Workshop: Native Mobile App developement for iOS, Android and Windows using C#

For the one day mobile workshop, you can find those back on the VSLive download portal. Details on where the portal is and login details are in your VSLive conference book.