It was great to be presenting in Orlando again this week.

If you attended one of my sessions, here are the slides and the demo files that I have been using

VSH06  Building Real-Time Multi-User Interactive Web and Mobile Applications Using SignalR

Slide deck: PDF

Demo files: SignalR

VSH11  IntelliTrace What is it and How Can I Use it to My Benefit

Slide deck: PDF

Demo file: none

If you want to learn even more about intellitrace, then what I showed in my session, I would like to let you know that I created a 5,1/2 hour training on this topic. It shows all the things there is to know about the features, it’s usage scenario’s and even a under the hood module, where I show you how the features work and how you can use that knowledge to create your own custom collection plans that you could send your customers to capture a log and send to you that can help you find issues in your products.

You can find the training here

Here is also a teaser video up on that site, where you can see a small part of the training.

VSH16 Sharing up to 80 percent of Code Building Mobile Apps for iOS Android WP 8 and Windows 8

Slide deck: PDF

Demo file:

I also wrote a blog post that describes most of the things that I talked about. You can find that post here

VSH18 Patterns and Tools for Parallel Programming

Slide deck: PDF

Demo file: Parallel WARNING, this is a big file, 320Mb