Check this out, a new release of the Team Foundation Power tools are out and powerful they are!

A must have is the new embedded in visual studio Process template editor. Now you can finally change your work item type definitions without needing to edit XML anymore. What is even greater is that it does support a “connected” way of working. You can just connect to your server and change the current work item types and save them back into the server. (no more witimport/export required)

Take a look at one of our work items in the designer, you have to agree this is much better than only an XML view  J

As you can see the process editor provides a designer for the WIT workflow based on the DSL toolkit. You can now visually design the flow of your work items, and that is at least a great improvement in terms of visualization.

Of course the tfpt command for Team Foundation Version control is a must have tool if you do e.g. some offline development. It will make your live a whole lot easier and I can only recommend you take a look at them now.

Read more on what is included in the package : or download it direct from here