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Override classic ASP.NET web.config Configuration Settings When Using (Docker) Containers
By: Date: 12 March 2018 Categories: Docker,VSTS

One of the challenges with ASP.NET in combination with containers, is the fact that you configure all your settings in the web.config. when using containers, we want to provide different settings for different environments we run our containers. E.g. you have a dev, test, acceptance and production environment, for which you want other connection strings…

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Just released: Introduction to Docker on Windows with Visual Studio 2017
By: Date: 13 August 2017 Categories: Docker,TFS,VSTS Tags: , , ,

In this new course, I teach you how to use Docker to deliver solutions to the Windows platform. First, you’ll explore the options and capabilities Docker offers on the Windows platform. Next, you’ll delve into how Visual Studio 2017 simplifies the use of Docker in the development cycle. Finally, you’ll learn how to implement a…

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Optimizing your (Windows) docker images with multi staged Docker builds
By: Date: 24 April 2017 Categories: Docker,VSTS Tags: , , ,

Last week I visited Docker con 2017 where Docker announced a whole lot of new features, under which a new feature in the docker build command, called multi staged builds. These multi staged builds are extremely convenient to create images that are of minimum size. I am mostly using Docker on Windows, but this feature…

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