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Devintersection sessions

Last week I presented two talks at Devintersection europe. My first talk was about Modern Application architectures and you can find the pdf of the deck here

the second session was on Cross browser testing of web applications using CodedUI. I also have the pdf of the deck available here

And here are the two demo’s I showed to build maintainable test automation using Page Objects and the concept of DAMP testing (Descriptive And Meaningful Phrases).

Search Google

MVC Music Store

Also if you want to learn more about CodedUI, you can also watch one of my two courses I build for Pluralsight here:Test Automation with CodedUI Pluralsight which explains in detail all that can be done with CodedUI and Testing Web Applications with CodedUI Pluralsight which is focused on testing web applications.

Hope this helps!

How to unblock an Azure VM that is stuck in the starting state?

today I got hit by some serious outage on Microsoft Azure, that caused a couple of my virtual machines to be stuck in the starting stage. the problem was that there is just no way to fix this problem by using the simple tools you get in the azure portal. My servers that I use for demo purposes, needed to be up, since I was going to demo a lot of stuff in the afternoon at my Visual Studio Live! talks in Orlando.

My VM dashboard looked like this when I looked this morning:

Azure VM stuck in starting

So the question is, how the heck can you unblock these machines in this starting state, since they have been there for hours, so they are not actually starting.

the only way to fix this, was either delete the VM’s and be carful to keep the disks when deleting, or use PowerShell to stop the VM’s. Interestingly enough you can do a lot more with PowerShell then with the portal and I thought that might be the easiest way to get going again.

But since I most o the time just use the portal, I had not done any PowerShell on my brand new laptop. I think it is nice to go through the step by step process of what I needed to do in order to get things going again.

So first I needed to get the Azure PowerShell environment. The Azure PowerShell command lets are available for download, but I just got the whole package using the Windows Platform installer.

Here I selected the Azure Power tools and after that install I started a fresh command prompt.

Next I wanted to issue the Stop-AzureVM command, but in order for that command to succeed, you need to set up your subscription first.

For that you start with the command:


This command will create an UI prompt to log you on with your Azure credentials and after this succeeds you will see your subscriptions listed associated with your account.


If you have multiple subscriptions, you need to check which subscription was selected as your default. In this case  I needed to select the right subscription. For this you use the command:

Select-AzureSubscription and you provide it the subscription name.

Now the default subscription is set for all subsequent azure commands.

Now I could finally issue the Stop-AzureVM command and there you need to provide it a couple of parameters. Fist you need to give it the name of the VM, tha tis easy since it is the name you see in the portal. The second question is the name of the service. The name of the service apparently is the name of the DNS for that machine, without the part. So for my TFS azure machine that is called FluentbytesTFS, this was fluentbytesdc, as you can see in the picture here below.



After issuing the Stop-AzureVM command, I was able to use the portal again to start the VM’s. This time they started and all was well again.

Hope this helps you when you get your VM’s stuck, I had to search in multiple places to figure out how to make it work again.


I will be speaking at TechEd Europe 2014

At TechEd Barcelona this year I will deliver a talk on “Best Practices for Using OSS in the Enterprise“.

Session abstract:

Most of us understand the benefits of using open source software and libraries. Heck, even Microsoft embraces it, so why can’t you adopt it as well in your enterprise? Open source can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. We probably all remember incidents like the “heart bleed” vulnerability in a popular open source implementation of SSL. So, if open source becomes more and more prevalent, how can we cope with the challenges that lay at hand? We will be challenged with all sorts of questions in the enterprise: What are the license implications when I take a dependency on a library with a viral type of license? What version of open source libraries are we using and are they the choice of the generic public or did we select one we now need to maintain ourselves? Are there known vulnerabilities in the libraries we use, and if so, are we affected by that? In this session, we take a practical approach to using open source libraries in product development for the enterprise. We touch briefly on the license types and the ones to look out for. We show you how an artefact repository system can help you to answer a lot of the tough questions. Learn how to integrate a system that is very popular, called Nexus, in your continuous deployment strategy and ensure a frictionless experience for your developers. We show integration with NuGet and how to manage open source dependencies using proxy facilities so you can ensure only a curated set of libraries are used, and meet compliance requirements for your business.

Of course you can find me also at the ask the experts booth as well.

If you want to drop by and have a chat, my schedule looks as follows:

Tuesday, October 28
9:00 AM-10:30 AM
Keynote Session, Hall 6
11:00 AM-12:00 PM
Foundational Sessions, various rooms
6:00 PM-8:30 PM
TechExpo Welcome Reception, Hall 7

Wednesday, October 29
8:00 PM-11:00 PM
Country Drinks, Barceloneta Beach

Thursday, October 30
4:00 PM-5:00 PM
TechExpo Happy Hour, Hall 7
6:30 PM-8:00 PM
Ask the Experts, Hall 5

Friday, October 31
2:45 PM-4:00 PM
Best Practices for Using OSS in the Enterprise


I’ll be speaking at Live! 360, November 17 – 21 in Orlando, FL

I thought you might be interested to know that I’ll be speaking at Live! 360, November 17 – 21 in Orlando, FL.  Live! 360 brings together five conferences, and the brightest minds in IT and Dev, to explore leading edge technologies and conquer current ones. More info:
I’ll be presenting the following sessions:
together with Rockford Lhotka, CTO, Magenic I will be dong a full day workshop.
I will also present the following sessions:
  • Automated Cross Browser Testing of Your Web Applications with Visual Studio CodedUI  
  • The Road to Continuous Delivery, Automated UI Testing for Web, WPF and Windows Forms  
SPECIAL OFFER: As a speaker, I can extend $600 savings on the 5-day package. Register here: and use code LSPK23.
Get better at what’s available, and get ready for what’s coming. We delve deep into the topics that matter most in your world today, covering practical knowledge, fundamentals, new technologies, and futures.  Register now:

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