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Testing Angular sites with CodedUI (part 2)
By: Date: 28 April 2015 Categories: Uncategorized

In my previous post I showed primarily how you can select elements based on the ng-* attributes when using CodedUI. In this post I will complete the scenario on how we can test the sample application created by my colleague MVP Maurice de Beijer, who is an Angular expert. The Scenario The scenario we will…

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Testing Angular sites with CodedUI
By: Date: 27 April 2015 Categories: Uncategorized

Last week we hosted the first of a series of Pluralsight Study group meetings at our company Xpirit together with the DotNed user group. The study group focuses on the new training I just got published on pluralsight called “Testing Web Applications with CodedUI”. In the first few chapters we covered last week we looked…

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Upcoming speaking engagements
By: Date: 18 April 2015 Categories: Uncategorized

Then next two months I will be rather busy again with several talks I will deliver round the globe. In May I will be at Techorama in Belgium where I will deliver to talks on Application Lifecycle Management. I will do the following talks: Using the Cloud-Based Load Testing Service and Application Insights to Find…

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Sessions VSLive Las Vegas
By: Date: 19 March 2015 Categories: Uncategorized

HI, thanks for all that attended my sessions at VSLive this week in Las Vegas. I hope you enjoyed the sessions and if you have questions left, please reach out to me on twitter (@marcelv) or ask them here below in the comments section. If you want to have a look at the slides ore…

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Hosting CodedUI in your Wpf Application
By: Date: 23 February 2015 Categories: Uncategorized

Today I was asked an interesting and challenging question regarding CodedUI. We are working on some code that a colleague of mine wanted to test with Spec flow and CodedUI. The challenge was that in the spec flow test they created an instance of some WFP UI components that are part of the application and…

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How to faster close a browser tab when using CodedUI
By: Date: 1 October 2014 Categories: Uncategorized

Last week I got contacted via twitter (@marcelv) with the a question regarding my Pluralsight CodedUI course and a previous blog post that shows how to use CodedUI to test applications that use multiple tabs in the browser. This particular question was, how can I close the browser tab faster since using the BrowserWindow.Close() function…

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