A few weeks ago I already posted about the fact that we have made great progress on the translation project at codeplex.

I am proud to announce that we completed the first set of languages and we have a first release available for download at codeplex.

The following languages are now available in addition to the default languages available from Microsoft:

·         Croatian, done by Ognjen Bajic

·         Portuguese (Brazilian), done by Igor Abade and Ramon Durães.

·         Turkish, done by Cengiz Han, Coskun Sunali and Okan Tekeli

·         Danish, done by Gert Christiansen

·         Swedish, done by Mathias Olausson

·         Polish, done by Marek Byszewski

·         Dutch, done by myself J

So what do you get when you download the installer?

We provide you with a very straight trough installation process. We have a MSI installer and the only clicks needed are accepting the license agreement (the same as on codeplex and you are done. The installer will automatically detect if Team System Web Access SP1 is installed on your box and it will use the path found to install the additional resource files. If Team System Web Access is not installed, the installer will refuse to install, since installation would make no sense in these conditions.

For a user to see the pages in its favorite language, he might need to set the profile options in Team System Web Access. If the user has e.g. an English OS setup, but wants to view the pages in e.g. Dutch, he can force Team System Web Access to always use Dutch and ignore the browser settings for the preferred language. To make this happen go to the settings->profile->options page (found at the right side of the home page) and there go to the regional Settings tab. There you see a drop down that defaults to "browser accepted language" and you can there select e.g. Dutch. After clicking OK, the page will refresh and you will see the site in the selected language. Any user that has already a localized version of the OS installed will most of the time get the translated pages, since the default browser settings will take the localization settings of the user as the preferred language.

One question that might pop your mind is do I need SP1 of Team System Web Access? And the answer is yes you do. This is because SP1 enables the multi language feature that we use to provide the additional translation. The good news is that this does not mean you are required to install SP1 of TFS. Although it is a very good practice that you would keep your server to the latest service pack level, it is not required by team system web access Sp1.

Now that we have released, it is also time to address the fact that we might have made some mistakes in the translations. If you find any typo's, misspelled words or other errors, please be so kind as to provide us with feedback, using the issue tracker at codeplex. Please make sure you provide information which language you found the bug, how it manifests itself and what the correct spelling would be. We will make sure as a team to fix them a.s.a.p. and provide you with a new version promptly.

My special Thanks go out to all contributors to the project and Microsoft especially, since they were so kind as to help us with the resource files that are needed to do this project.

For the next release we already have a few other people working on new languages. The once currently in development are Portuguese, Norwegian and Arabic.

If you would like to contribute to this project, please contact me (using the contact tools on my blog or at codeplex) and I will get back to you a.s.a.p. and provide you with the proper access and instructions to contribute.

Please give us your feedback on what you think of this project.