I must say it really helps a lot when you have someone available from the dev teams to solve some issues with the Beta Bits. As I told in my previous post I worked with Adam Bar from the Microsoft North Carolina Office for our devdays pre-conference. While working on my demo’s I ran into a problem where I did have a tests working locally, but once I ran an Team Build on the solution, I always got the message that MSTest.exe could not be found.

This happened to be a known bug on 64 bit machines and can easily be fixed by adding a registry key to the non wow64 node in the registry. It appears that in Beta 1, from the team build environment the location of MSTest is searched in the non 64bit registry location. What you need to do to fix this problem is the following:

Use regedit to add the following Key:


Key Name: InstallDir and set that key to the location where Visual Studio 2010 is installed (e.g. C:\program files\ Microsoft Visual Studio 10\Common7\IDE)

Now start a new build and you will see the build will find MSTest again 🙂