One of the great things I love about my job is speaking at large industry events. The past few months I submitted sessions to several of these events as an proposal and it is great to see that my proposals for VS live got accepted!

This means I will be at VS live this year in Las Vegas.

I will give two talks, with the following content:

LINQ Programming Model

This session will show in what way developers can leverage the power of LINQ. This session will not dive into how LINQ works but for a change will give you an idea on what you need to know as the programmer using LINQ and how you can apply it to different parts of your work including manipulating in memory objects, data from a database and of course XML.

This session will start with an introduction to the LINQ syntax. From this introduction we take a journey into the different available technologies that ship with Visual the .NET framework and are LINQ enabled. These technologies include XLINQ, LINQ to DataSets and Entity Framework.

You will learn:
Many classic C# programmers still don’t use LINQ because they look at the syntax and have just no clue how this would work. They know it might be powerful but still have some problems grasping how LINQ actually works for them. This session will help programmers that are less interested in how LINQ works but just want to use it for their day to day programming work and just use it and know how to read its syntax.

Produce Better Quality Code by Leveraging the Visual Test Tools You Never Discovered Before

What most developers don’t realize is that the Microsoft Visual Studio toolset has a ton of test tools available they rarely use. Most of the developers only use the Unit test tools, and even then, most of the times not even for 50% of their capabilities. In this session I will show you all the test tools available and how you can utilize them to their maximum extend. I will show you how you can combine generic testing, Coded UI Testing, Unit Testing, Web Testing, Load and Stress testing all together. I will show you how these test tools also integrate with diagnostic tools that can help you find problems more easily than ever before. You will learn to use the combination of all these tools to not only make you produces better quality code, but also doing it in less time.

You will learn:

  • What current tools deliver out of the box
  • That a combination of the tools can enable interesting scenario’s

Now what is even more nice, is that you can get an discount if you register using the special code you can see at the banner at the right of my blog. Using the code VLSPK9.

When you register for Visual Studio Live Las Vegas using this unique speaker priority code listed above you will receive: The all-access Best Value Conference Package for just $1,495, a savings of $400.00 off the standard price of $1,895.

b.t.w. if you register before February 16th you get a Super Early Bird Discount!

Sure hope to see some of you out there!