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Microsoft TechDays 2015 slides & additional info

Microsoft TechDays this year was a rIMG-20150529-WA0007eal blast for me.  This was the fist year for me as CTO of Xpirit and I am extremely proud on my team that delivered so many great sessions. It is always a pleasure to be at this conference but it was real special this time where I had so many of my colleagues there as well.

You can check out their blogs here and find more info on their sessions as well: Roy, Rene, Patriek and Marcel.

You also migth want to check out our Xpirit Magazine that contains tons of extra information on Microservices, GIT, API Management and more. The articles are about the latest greatest technology we learned about ourselves at xpiritmagconferences and customer engagements. One very cool article in the magazine is on the Microsoft Hololens. Alex Thissen and I got the opportunity at the Microsoft Build conference to take the Hololens Academy and we programmed for the hololens almost a full day. In this article we share what we learned and we even got real code samples that we got from the team to show in the magazine.

But hey you probably just want to download the presentations from Techdays, so here goes.

Using Microsoft Application Insights to create a Build, Measure, Learn loop


Architecting Systems for Continuous delivery


Using Cloud Based Load Testing Service and Application Insights to find Scale and performance bottlenecks in your applications


Best Practices for Open Source in the Enterprise


For this last session you also might want to have a look at the demo’s I did in an interview for SSW TV. I did this interview in November 2014 and it just got published.


And as always, leave a comment if you have feedback, remarks or questions. I love to hear from you.


  1. Victor Vogelpoel

    Hallo Marcel,

    The Techdays slidedeck downloads do not work: 404s. Can you make them available again?

    • Marcel

      Yes, not sure what happened to the links, but I changed it now to use slide share to share it. You can download it now via that route, since for whatever reason all my drop box links get killed after a while. Let me know if this works better.

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