Thursday I will be doing two sessions on Team system at the Visual studio 2008 launch event. One "Chalk & Talk" session and one session on "what is new in visual Studio Team System 2008".

While the launch event is not even over, I just got the confirmation from the devdays organization that I will be doing two sessions this year. Devdays will be helt 22th and 23th of May.

Of course I will be covering Team System again, since that is one of the topics I am very passionate about. I have one session planned where I will show off loads of new stuff that wil be coming in Rosario. Hopefully I can show you lots of cool new stuff that is coming.

Next week I will be in Redmond again to meet with the development team during the TAP kickoff event.  I hope to get more insights in where Rosario is heading and what stuff is already available that I can show in public. Info Support is again one of the TAP participants and we will start working on the integration of the Endeavour software factory and Rosario when we get back home.

Got you Interested? Go to devdays website where you can already signup for. (

Hope to meet you there,