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Testing web apps on Edge using CodedUI

Recently Microsoft added the capability to CodedUI to test on the Edge browser. For this they extended the cross browser playback capability. This uses Selenium under the hood. So the steps to make this work are as follows:


  • Install the plugin “Selenium components for Coded UI Cross Browser Testing” from the Visual Studio Gallery (found here)
  • Download the Edge driver that matches your windows 10 version (found here)
  • Install the driver to the following location : %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Web Driver

And finally in the code you need to switch the browser you want to launch. You need to provide the following name to start edge:”MicrosoftEdge”

BrowserWindow.CurrentBrowser = “MicrosoftEdge”; 

And that is it!

Happy testing on Edge Smile

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  1. Hi MARCEL,

    I followed all the steps that you have specified above. It launches the application successfully, but throws an error “The playback failed to find the control with given search properties” for some controls on edge browser. On the other hand it works fine IE.

  2. Thanks for the clue that the correct string is “MicrosoftEdge” and not just “Edge.” Seems like they would have posted that on the VS Marketplace page!

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