For a few days now, I was having trouble with virtual PC. The problem was that when I start Virtual PC it would not show me the console anymore. I could still work since the system Tray icon has the same option, but it is not as convenient as just working from the consol.

 What I found is that the console is actually displaying, but it is at a location on my desktop that is not visible. After some investigation I found that Virtual PC has an options.xml file (that you can find at the location: c:\users\<your name>\appdata\roaming\Microsoft\virtual PC\options.xml) that contains the following section:




       <height type="integer">318</height>

       <left_position type="integer">4294935296</left_position>

       <top_position type="integer">4294935296</top_position>

       <visible type="boolean">false</visible> <!– set to true –>

       <width type="integer">367</width>



       <left_position type="integer">469</left_position>

       <top_position type="integer">257</top_position>



As you can see the left and top position are at a location that would not be visible on a normal screen resolution. By just changing the values to the original values you see at the new_pc element and setting the visible property to true the problem was fixed.

Hope this helps you to J