Today I thought to give it a try again and I found a new update is available!

Go to the Sync options menu, there you find the updates section in the menu. There you click on check for updates and it tells me version 7004.7008 February 2011 is available.


I don’t know if this is bound to a specific brand of devices, I own a Samsung Omnia 7 and the update is available for that device.

Just clicked Update now, and it ran through 6 phases very quick. Then booted the phone, which took a while (longer than I am used to for a boot cycle) Probably this is where the new software gets loaded.

Next you get a screen on your phone that you should not disconnect your phone from USB, and a progress bar in the top of the phone, probably indicating how far we are in the update process. At hat same time the Zune software is creating a backup of your phone (step 7). Next step 8 it starts installing the update, and a progress bar again in the phone shows you how fast things are going. Somewhere in the middle it stopped for a while but resumed after a minute or 2 and made some real progress Smile

Phone rebooted after the update (step 9) and after entering my pin the phone can be used again.

Now you can have an idea of the update experience, once I have found how the update works I will post again if it is worth mentioning.

—— Update —

Just found this update is not the long awaited update that adds copy & past. It is an update that

“adds some improvements to the way we deliver software updates to ensure that the process keeps working smoothly for you.” 

So still waiting for the “NoDo” update….

—– end Update —–